Here are examples of some of the projects and organisations which Scops Arts Trust has previously supported.

Brockley Max Festival

Brockley Max is a much-loved community festival in the local arts calendar of South East London with an audience of over 5000 each year. Our aim is to bring together people from a range of backgrounds to perform and participate in events. We believe that opportunities to participate, perform and volunteer have a lasting legacy, increasing the skills, experience, confidence of members of the community.

Grant awarded: £3,000 x 3 years

Lomond and Clyde Community Orchestra

The aim of this small charitable organisation is to make music accessible to all, encourage the playing of music in the community, provide a platform for players of all ages to come together to make music and give beginner players a taste of orchestral playing. This project was for a production of The Lewis Chess Suite.

Grant awarded: £1,564

Dalkeith & Monktonhall Brass Band

Dalkeith & Monktonhall Brass Band is using funding from Scops Arts Trust to develop its D&M Lothian Training Band which encourages children and adults to take up an instrument and join the brass banding community, and also involve more experienced players who may have not played for a number of years. The grant will be used to purchase music stands, music storage and musical instruments.

Grant awarded: £5,000

Bristol Ensemble

‘Preludes’ project offers regular musical engagement for disadvantaged children with little or no access to quality music education and opportunities. It has a reputation for excellence and builds lasting partnerships with schools, musicians, community and cultural organisations across the city.


Grant awarded: £3,121



Tinderbox Collective runs several programmes which work with around 1000 children and young people each year. Our projects are open to anyone, whether a complete beginner or young professional, and are helping to build a vibrant and diverse community of musicians across Scotland. Projects include Alternative Orchestras, Youth Clubs, Digital Arts hubs, and workshops in a variety of settings. This grant has provided stability and continuity and given us the opportunity to plan ahead and develop our programmes.

Grant awarded: £10,000

Thistleton Music Festival

Thistleton is a rural village in the East Midlands with limited access to the arts as the nearest venues are in Leicester or Birmingham. The aim of the music festival is to demonstrate that church buildings can be wonderful venues for live music. The inaugural festival will hopefully result in more music performances in the village and encourage other churches to do more to bring music to local communities. The grant is subsiding tickets to make music accessible for everyone.

Grant awarded: £3,570

Cathedral Music Trust

Cathedral Music Trust transforms lives of people of all ages through choral and organ music. Their new project ‘Small Sounds’ aims to establish ongoing weekly groups across England to widen access to music for families in communities experiencing high levels of economic deprivation. A focus will be helping parents develop skills to continue enjoying music-making with their children at home.

Grant awarded: £10,000 x 3 years