The goal of Scops Arts Trust is to help people to understand, participate in and enjoy the arts, particularly the performing arts. We are keen to find projects which widen access and have a lasting cultural impact on the community.

For consideration at our 2022 meetings, we are especially interested in supporting performing arts projects aimed at adults and projects which will benefit all ages across the generations, not only children. We would also be interested to hear from organisations planning smaller regional festivals in areas where there is little arts provision, due to socio-economic circumstances or geographically remote locations. We will continue to consider applications for music education projects for children and young people, but our preferred projects this year will focus on adults and whole communities. We do not support projects where the main focus is health, therapy or social welfare; nor do we contribute towards the costs of construction, fit-out or repairs of arts venues.

We are particularly keen to help small-to-medium-sized organisations, although large charities are not excluded from applying. Most of our current grants support projects run by registered charities, but in exceptional circumstances, we will consider applications from established community groups as long as they have clear charitable aims. We award one-off grants and also consider multi-year funding. The majority of grants we award are in support of projects, but contributions towards specific and restricted core costs of smaller organisations where a grant from Scops Arts Trust could make an impact, will be considered

Please read our Grant Guidelines carefully before applying.