Do you offer pre-application support?

We are a very small team and so we do not have the resources to give any guidance before you make a Stage 1 application. If you are invited to make a Stage 2 application, you will have the opportunity to seek clarification on anything you are unsure about.

What are our chances of success?

Submitting a Stage 1 application will not necessarily lead to an invitation to make a Stage 2 application; and submitting a Stage 2 application does not guarantee that a grant will be awarded as we receive many more applications than we have the funds to support.

Do you give feedback on unsuccessful applications?

No feedback is given to unsuccessful applicants at Stage 1, as we simply do not have the capacity to do so. We try to give feedback to unsuccessful Stage 2 applicants if there is something helpful we can share with you; but sometimes it will simply be a case of us having to make hard choices; there is nothing wrong with your application, but we just do not have the funds to support all of the organisations who apply to us.

When can we reapply?

If your application is unsuccessful at either Stage 1 or Stage 2, please leave at least 12 months before applying again.

For successful applicants who were previously awarded a grant, the Trustees would not ordinarily wish to encourage reliance on Scops Arts Trust by offering continuation funding beyond the original term. However, there may be circumstances where we would consider a request for further funding. Any such request would be considered on its merits and the applicant may be invited to submit a Stage 2 grant application for consideration alongside all new applicants shortlisted in the next open round of funding. The Trustees would need to see a compelling reason for continuation before awarding a further grant. Even if the Trustees decide to continue their support, any continuing grant is unlikely to be at as high a level or for the same period as previous funding. Please note that the Trust does not pay more than one grant to any organisation within a 12-month period, so the timing of your request is important as any repeat applications will only be considered at the next available meeting of the Board of Trustees – please check the homepage for dates.


To help with your planning, please be aware that the application and assessment process takes approximately 10 weeks. The application deadlines are advertised on our website and the Board of Trustees’ meetings generally take place around 3 months later, usually in March, July and November.

You can download this information as a PDF if you’d prefer.

BIG Project at East Neuk Festival

Photo: David Behrens