We are a small charitable trust and can only make a few grants each year. Many of the projects we fund come to us through our existing networks. However, we always welcome approaches from high quality applicants who are delivering work in line with the Trust’s objectives.

Please have a look at the examples of grants we have already awarded and read our Grant Guidelines and FAQs carefully.

In order to apply you should first of all take our Eligibility Quiz, but before doing so please check the homepage to see if we are currently open to accepting applications. If we are open to new applications, and you are satisfied that your project meets our criteria and fits our current areas of interest, please go ahead and take the quiz.

Based on your answers, you are eligible to make a Stage 1 application to Scops Arts Trust if we are currently open for applications. Please check the homepage for deadline dates.

Please send an email (maximum of 350 words) to apply@scopsartstrust.org.uk. Do not send any attachments with your email. We understand it will be a challenge to condense everything you want to tell us into such few words, so only provide the most important details about your organisation and project. Try to cover the following:

  • What your charity does and where
  • What the planned activities are, who will benefit and how
  • What size of grant you are requesting
  • What type of funding you are seeking – for a specific project or to help meet the core costs of running your organisation
  • What the time frame is for your project

At Stage 1, unfortunately we simply do not have the capacity to provide any pre-application support. We will reply to every email received that adheres to the guidance we have given – a maximum of 350 words and no attachments. You can expect to receive a reply, regardless of the outcome, within 2-3 weeks of the application deadline.

Based on what we read in your email, if the Trustees believe that it is worth you investing your time and effort, we will send you a link to an online form and invite you to submit a full application.

You can download our Grant Guidelines and FAQS here.